New cruise companies arrive in Zadar cruise port in 2020

The most significant company whose ships arrive in Zadar cruise port is Holland America Line.

Holland America Line is a Dutch based cruise line with its headquarters in Seattle , USA.

Their cruiser Nieuw Amsterdam will dock at the Zadar seven times this year.

Cruise travelers usually want to visit local attractions like Krka waterfalls National Park.

Krka National Park is 50 minutes away from the port by car. 2-3 hour is enough to see main attractions in the park and in between visits to the waterfalls, visitors can refresh at the clean water of the river Krka. Therefore, it takes a total of 4-5 hours for an excursion to a magnificent park in the heart of Dalmatia. Upon returning to Zadar, cruise ship guests have plenty of time to make a short visit to the Zadar old town. Zadar old town is 15 minutes away from the port and its known for old Roman architecture, famous Sea organ, romantic places in the narrow city streets and excellent gastronomy.