Across numerous charming cities in Croatia, there are some splendid and marvelous seaports  that serve as connections between various destinations. Among all these ferry ports Split port stands out as the most eminent and notable.

Historically, Split ferry port was established by Greek settlers as a trading post. They knew right away the viability and significance of this spot, and immediately realized its bright future, and they were absolutely right. Today Split ferry port is a prominent passenger destination. It is the busiest Croatian port with more than 17,000 ship arrivals each year.

The port holds astonishing ranking among all seaports in Croatia, it is the third largest port in Mediterranean.  Moreover,  it is by distance largest seaport in Croatia.  One can imagine the size of the activities carried out in the port on daily basis knowing that its operations encompass more than fifty passenger lines all with daily constant activity.

The port is of great significance for Croatian tourism, it transports huge number of tourists yearly.  In fact, a recent estimate enlightens us about the vast popularity of the port,  the estimate shows that more than 4 million visitors and passengers pass through the port every year.  This pretty much demonstrates the importance of the port.